Do you hold your reader's attention?

50-page annual reports, 100-page employee handbooks, company policies that need dictionaries to be understood. That's the old way of business writing. Instead, let's cut out the 'boring bits' and give your audience what they really need... useful, plain and simple

Grab your readers' attention by giving them what they need

It sounds simple, but if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it already. I'm a copywriter and editor for busy readers. I want to help businesses make their messages more magnetic with a practical, common sense approach to creating content. No tricks, no lies, just useful, plain and simple.
Simplify, simplify, simplify

If you want your content to rank well (for both readability and SEO), it should be written in plain language. Clear writing means clear thinking. Studies also show it improves other metrics like credibility and transparency. I can help you make your content accessible to more of your intended audience.

Content design

When you go beyond thinking of copywriting as ‘selling stuff’ and focus on user need, that’s content design. It’s about creating content to serve user needs, even if the end result isn’t necessarily words. I’ll help you decide on the types of content to serve your users (whether they’re customers or teams).

Live by the brand book

If you want team members to share the same language, be consistent with your brand style guide. Speak to employees the way you talk to your customers. The biggest divide is when marketing gets to be fun and clear, but internal comms has to be the fuddy duddy. I’ll help you apply your brand guide inside and out.

Kill your darlings

Every storyteller learns this essential rule. Cut out anything that that doesn’t serve the story, even if you love it. The same applies for business content. It’s harder to spot because you live and breathe your business, but don’t think of that content as your darling. I’ll help you strengthen your ‘stories’ by snipping the fluff.

Hi. I'm Claire Rooney. I'm a fan of UX and content design, which means I'll get to know your audience needs and create content to serve them.

Do you need carefully crafted content?

I'm a content writer and editor based in North Ayrshire, Scotland. Loves coffee and cookies. On a mission of constant improvement.
Complicated copy slowing you down?

I've worked with internal communications teams to improve employee engagement and deliver change communications. I was the first UX writer in South Africa's most innovative banking rewards programme. I've written and designed online marketing campaigns for banks, online shops, travel agents, and retail partners. I've even written eBooks for teachers trying to change education across Africa. Diverse audiences. But I've learned what they have in common. You can't force your audience to read what you want to say... but you can solve their problems so they'll want to stick around. It starts with getting to know their needs. Let's connect if you need help simplifying UX, HR, internal communications, training, financial, or technical content for your diverse, time-strapped audience.

  • Curiosity

    Know the audience

  • Creativity

    Solve their problems

  • Plain English

    Speak their language

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I'm based in Kilwinning. It has the best train links to Glasgow, Ayr and Largs. Let's have an informal chat over Skype or meet up in one of these fab places for coffee and cake. Because cake.