Are your site visitors giving up?

If they're customers, that's lost sales. Employees, lost productivity. Give them a reason to stay by serving up the information they need clearly and simply.

Open up your words to a wider audience

We know what boring or scary content looks like. Gobbledygook, jargon, and fluff are all symptoms. Businesses mistakenly write what they want to say, not what anyone wants to read (not even their own teams). Banks forget customers aren't other banks. So do developers, bosses, lawyers, councils, manufacturers, accountants, and yes, even HR.

Luckily, it's not their job to remember. That's why you need a writer or editor who can speak up for your ideal customer. And speak to them in the language they understand.

If you want to attract customers or keep your teams happy, get rid of the 'boring bits' that frustrate them. Even better, turn it into something helpful to remember you by.

Signs you may need to look at your content

Costly calls

Are you spending more time on the phone explaining your product than actually selling it?

Lost teams

Do your teams often meet for longer because they’re missing important, timely information?

Endless emails

Has your inbox become an endless parade of the same questions that have to be answered right away?

Long FAQs

Have your ‘frequently asked questions’ or ‘questions and answers’ pages become the longest on your website?

Hi. I'm Claire Rooney, writer and editor. I've been solving these problems for over a decade by creating customer-focused content and solutions.

Who am I?

Other than someone who likes coffee, cookies and cake
Content writer and editor

I've worked with internal communications teams to improve employee engagement and deliver change communications. I was the pioneer UX writer in South Africa's most innovative banking rewards programme. I've written and designed marketing campaigns for banks, online shops, travel agents, and retail partners. I've even written eBooks for teachers trying to change education across Africa. The greatest thing I've learned is that you can't force someone to read... but you can make it easier for them when they need to.

  • Curiosity

    Know the audience

  • Creativity

    Solve their problems

  • Plain English

    Speak their language

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On the blog

I'm based in Kilwinning. It has the best train links to Glasgow, Ayr and Largs. Let's have an informal chat over Skype or meet up in one of these fab places for coffee and cake. Because cake.